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Elders Equine works closely with several rehabilitation providers to ensure a complete rehab plan is in place and appropriate to the injury your horse has sustained.

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After an injury or surgical procedure, a comprehensive rehabilitation plan can be very important to ensure the full potential of your horse can be attained. Dr. Bell has many years of experience planning and providing rehabilitation plans and can provide your horse with a specific, individualized rehabilation program depending on the nature and severity of the injury.

Elders Equine works with the rehabilitation providers, you and/or your barn managers at your stable to ensure that your horse is getting the best possible care and given the optimal opportunity to return to their full athletic potential

Equine Kinesiology Taping

As part of our preventative sport medicine and rehabilitation programs, we employ equine kinesiology taping. Sport medicine taping has been used in the elite human athletes to improve performance and prevent injury and now we have it available to our equine patients. Kinesiology taping is used to improve range of motion at joints, decrease inflammation, help prevent over-extension and hyperflexion type injuries in the joints, tendons, ligament and muscles and improve blood flow. We use ROCK TAPE kinesiology tape (http://www.rocktapecanada.com/products/equine/‚Äč) in our practice. We use equine sports medicine taping techniques which allow us to provide preventative therapy and for use in our rehabilitation programs. We apply the tape over muscle groups, tendons, ligaments and joints to provide support to the structures at risk of injury based on our clinical exam and diagnosis.

Sacroiliac Joint Taping (example)

Joint Supplements

Elders Equine prides itself on recommending only quality products to our clients. When it comes to joint supplements, there are numerous possibilities and we will take the guess work out of making the right choices when it comes to your horse

We carry




Polyglycan (non-compounded)

COSEQUIN ASU - *NEW* - This is an oral joint supplement that is one of the few with scientific research to support the products quality and long term outcomes. This product is difficult to acquire in Canada and Elders has an exclusive access to the product from the US. If you are interested in trying it on your horse, let us know and we will be happy to supply you.


THIS ---->https://eldersequinecliniccom.vetmatrixbase.com/veterinary-services/sports-medicine-and-rehabilitation.html

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